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Light Tracer

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  • Light tracer is about a princess taking a thrilling adventure to save country from the affliction of a strange illness.
  • Game: Light Tracer

    Genre: Puzzle solving,Adventure,action


    Developer: Void Dimensions

    Publisher: Oasis Games

    Release Date: September 26, 2017

  • Light Tracer Puzzle PS4 VR
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Light Tracer combines platform-style movement and clever puzzles with unique play mechanics and delightful artwork. In the game, the player controls a mysterious godlike entity who can wield a magical Light Staff in one hand while using its other hand to interact with the game world, helping the Princess reach the safety of the tower’s pinnacle. The Light Staff guides the Princess forward while the player manipulates the world to get a better view, interacts with object triggers and moves items to turn barriers into bridges. As the player progresses, the entity’s hidden relationship with the princess is gradually revealed.

The Princess’s journey comprises eight varied chapters ranging from ice to gravity puzzles to mechanical contraptions, and each level ends with a challenging boss fight requiring strategy as well as quick reflexes. Players will guide the Princess through action-platform stages with jumping, timing and enemies—but they must also engage with mind-bending puzzles in each level. Often the solution depends not only on your intellect, but also in the way you look at things!


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