Steel Circus Set To Enter Steam Early Access August 8th

Release time:2019-07-02 17:22:09

We are very happy and excited to announce that the competitive multiplayer hero sports game Steel Circus, will launch on Steam Early Access on August 8th 2019. Check out our newly released announced trailer below: 

A blend of skill, strategy and synergy, Steel Circus sees players taking control of one of several champions, celebrated heroes each with their own unique skill set, to compete against each other in fast-paced, action-packed 3v3 online matches. Get ready to throw, pass, tackle and dodge to score goals, utilising skill, teamplay and tactical decision-making to crush the rival team and claim victory!

Set in 2350 after a long period of devastating conflict and war, finally there exists a frail peace in the solar system. To ensure this continues, the most powerful factions meet every year as part of a Solar Council, brokering alliances whilst champions from each faction compete in the Steel Circus Championships to demonstrate their power to the masses.

Launching on Steam Early Access after a successful Closed Alpha period, Steel Circus will receive regular updates, including new champions, arenas, customizations and balancing fixes, continuously addressing and improving the game in line with player feedback. 

Players will be able to choose from an initial roster of 6 champions in Early Access, each with their own distinct moveset and characteristic. Two arenas will be available with different variations and environmental gameplay, with multiple game modes planned to be introduced throughout the Early Access period. 

We are so excited for the future of Steel Circus, and we hope the Early Access period will give us the further feedback we need to take Steel Circus to new heights! See you in-game, August 8th!

For more information, including the newest updates and development progress, please visit its DiscordTwitter and its official website.