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Oasis Games Multiplayer Update Promises More Fun!

TAG:News, Published On 2016-11-21

With the launch of Weeping Doll on November 2, Oasis Games has plans in the pipeline to further draw your attention to more virtual reality goodness. 

For players looking for an arcade shooter experience, Pixel Gear is the game for you. The pure shooting sensation and tracking accuracy helped propel Pixel Gear onto the popular list in the PlayStation® Store. 

Developed exclusively for VR, Pixel Gear is a colorful and fast-paced 3D pixel shooter with a variety of comical monsters, zombies and ghosts as enemies to defeat.

Pixel Gear is a wave-based shooter game full of variety of interactive objects that exhibit entertaining reactions when hit, and a host of cool upgradeable weapons and power-ups that grant the ability to slow down or even stop time.

Players can earn coins to start unlocking additional weapons, power-ups and ammunition. Unlockable weapons include submachine pistols, the long-range sniper rifle and other hand weapons for taking down level bosses. You could cycle through using all the weapons available and decide which gun fits your playing style to challenge different difficulty settings.

For those gamers who feel that they need more out of this game, Oasis Games has launched a game patch to update Pixel Gear! If you thought playing against the AI was fun, now you can enjoy playing against your friends when Pixel Gear introduces the co-op mode that allows VR players to play against up to 3 DS4 players.

The player wearing the VR headset, has one goal, to guard the level’s gold coins. The other players, using the DS4 controllers, are disguised as all kind of creatures and objects and must try and steal the gold coins. The goal of the DS4 player is to collect a certain amount of coins within a given period of time.

DS4 players can change form or deploy decoys to avoid being detected by the VR Player, while the VR player needs to uncover and shoot at the DS4 players. When DS4 players get shot, they will enter a critical state and become a ghost. The ghosts could also move freely. The DS4 players can be revived while someone enters the ghost’s circular range, and shown up again at any selected location. This form of revival does not result in a deduction of gold coins. When a specified amount of gold coins is collected during the round time, the DS4 players will be victorious. On the contrary, failing to do so results in the victory belonging to the VR players who successfully protect their coins! To win or to be defeated, team up and gear up!

If you still haven’t gotten your copy of Pixel Gear(Online Console Game), what are you waiting for?  Let’s join the coin snatching madness!! 

An Oasis of Games to quench your VR thirst

TAG:News, Published On 2016-11-02

The string of virtual reality devices launch, the most recent of which being Sony PlayStation® VR headset, has brought a lot of excitement in the gaming community.  It is no wonder game developers and game publishers have been on a roll to introduce exciting games to create stickiness among early adopters of the VR technology.  

Oasis Games, a leading Chinese game company and publishing partner of Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai (SIESH) for the overseas market, is the largest third party publisher today with four PlayStation® VR titles for VR enthusiasts for release within PS VR’s launch window. 

Oasis Games has titles that are unique and suited for everyone - from fun for the family to story-driven horror. Oasis Games’ offerings ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. The latest game introduced will be one that promises fun for the not so faint-hearted.

Weeping Doll

Weeping Doll is a story-driven psychological thriller adventure where dolls come alive, animated and fueled by the negative thoughts of their child owners. Developed by Unreal 4 Engine, Weeping Doll provides an immersive adventure for players while from the first-person view of a maid as they slowly uncover the unnatural truths inside the walls of a Japanese family’s Victorian-style house. 

With every new game, you start off in a room that is pitch-black with the voice-story in the background. You will soon hear the ringing of a cell phone which you will retrieve from your back pack, which will give you instructions and teach you how to play the game. With that, you will go from room to room to uncover keys to unlock the doors moving you on into the next room. Your goal is simple; unlock every door to exit the doll house.

Different obstacles have been arranged to test your abilities to solve the problems put in your path to exit the house. You will even venture into a room that used to be a doll studio and you will meet Daddy and Mommy Doll along your journey.  

Solve difficult puzzles in eerie surroundings as an abused girl’s doll takes revenge on her parents, and things only get scarier from there! Explore environments in first-person view as the surprising truths of the storyline are slowly uncovered. 

If you feel like you have not gotten enough of Halloween, Oasis Games has got you covered with this VR title. From November 2, Weeping Doll is now available on  PlayStation Store for select countries in Asia.

Other than Weeping Doll, Oasis Games has already launched 2 other VR titles that are shooter games, Ace Banana and Pixel Gear.

Ace Banana 

Launched on October 13th, players assume the role of a skilled Banana Archer, the world-famous protectors of innocent bananas. In opposition are hordes of mischievous monkeys who are dressed in a variety of different costumes and approach you using different techniques and moves that add to the surprise factor and excitement of the game. 

As these meddling monkeys arrive in waves through 16 stages, players must use the PlayStation®Move controllers to mimic drawing, aiming and shooting their bow with an arsenal of quirky arrows ranging from plungers to rubber fish and even cute pandas! Players will need to stay alert and be aware of their virtual surroundings as when all their bananas are stolen, the game is over!

Expectantly, the version for multiplayer is coming soon on the PlayStation Store.

Pixel Gear

Launched on October 20th, Pixel Gear includes six levels of a variety of interactive objects that exhibit entertaining reactions when hit, and a host of cool upgradeable weapons and power-ups that grant the ability to slow down or even stop time. 

Precision is key as players combat fun baddies such as witches, skeletons, bats, undead knights and ghouls, while unlocking various weapons and upgrades to prepare themselves for the thrilling boss battles that end each level. Don’t get too caught up in the action and shoot the innocent angels! Harming them will also harm you. 
“Pixel Gear is probably the most accurate game that I’ve played with PS move controller,” according to a review from The Coolest Nerd. The tracking and precision in the game and the tremendous VR shooting experience offers one of the best shooting experiences.

If you think you are quite the marksmen, this game gives you a good run for your money. There are 3 levels of difficulty to choose from and the enemies are relatively easy to kill as long as you are precise. However, you have to be accurate and quick on the trigger when they start coming out in droves and swarming you.

Like Ace Banana(Console Games), there would be a multiplayer version for Pixel Gear too.

While Oasis Games has launched two VR titles so far, they still have 2 more titles in the pipeline promise a whole lot of fun and horror in the upcoming months scheduled to be launched.

DYING: Reborn

DYING: Reborn is a dark, psychological thriller-themed puzzle game, which creates a unique first-person room escape experience. Prepare to delve into a dark, horror-themed puzzle game that recreates a unique first-person room escape experience in VR. Examine, collect and use items to solve a variety of creative puzzle types to escape each spooky room, feeling shivers down your spine at every turn!

There will be only a limited number of games that simultaneously available on PS VR, PS4 and PS Vita, DYING:Reborn is one of them! The game will roll out on all platforms in Jan, 2017.

Oasis Games is ready to quench your thirst and walk hand in hand with you through your VR experience. 

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