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Subaru Kimura casts as Colby in DYING: Reborn!

TAG:News, Published On 2017-03-22

Special Japanese voice-overs have been recorded for the game for the Japanese release of DYING: Reborn. Though games are sold all over the world, only games in Japan are sold in the native language. And this time, Subaru Kimura will join as a special guest voice-actor playing the role of Colby.

Growing up in Germany, then Japan

A member of the Atomic Monkey talent agency, Subaru Kimura’s most prominent role has been his work as Big G in the series Doraemon, starting from 2005. After spending the first seven years of his life in Germany, Kimura moved to Japan, where he joined GEKIDAN NIHONJIDO and began his acting career. He’s been featured in musical productions, as well as animated features. 

Kimura Brings Out the Darker Side of Colby

In DYING: Reborn Game, Kimura plays the role of Colby, a pivotal character within the story. As the mastermind behind the main character Mathew’s kidnapping, he is cold, calculating, and above all merciless. And his deep psychological trauma and dark memories are somehow connected to Mathew. Kimura performs the multiple layers of Colby’s twisted personality with the utmost skill.

His other works include the recently released Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.

Other Outstanding Voice-Actors Featured!!

Two more fantastic voice-actors will be appearing alongside Kimura.

The main character, Mathew, will be played by Naohiro Ogura, whose work has been featured in the Japanese program “Discovering Mysteries of the World!” Additionally, Yume Maihara will join the cast as Connie, a mysterious character with a deep connection to Colby.

Please enjoy these talented voice-actors in the official video of DYING: Reborn.


DYING: Reborn
Systems: PlayStation®VR/PlayStation®4/PlayStation®Vita
Genre: Horror
Sale Date: March 2, 2017
Price: Download Ver. SGD 14.10 / SGD 28.10 / SGD 21.10
No. of Players: 1


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