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Oasis Games on Casual Connect and Bit Summit

TAG:News, Published On 2017-06-05

(Beijing, 1st June 2017) Hello everyone! Continuing our last blog post we would like to share some impressions from the events our team here at Oasis Games joined over the past few weeks.

First you were able to find us in Singapore between May, 16th – 18th, competing for the Casual Connect Indie Prize. But soon after, we moved on to Kyoto showcasing a few new titles to our Japanese audience on the days of May, 20th-21st.

In total five different games were shown at both events, making it a small OG Console Game Fest of its own.  

Apart from OG’s title “DYING: Reborn” which was first released early this year, two more Chinese indie games supported by OG were introduced to Western/Japanese media and gamers, “Hidden Dragon” by MegaFun Games and “Light Tracer” from Void Dimensions. And not to forget, last years “Pixel Gear” and “Weeping Doll” which also made an appearance to say ”hi” to players at Casual Connect resp. Bit Summit.

Below you will find a few pictures taken by our team.

Oasis Games @Bit Summit

People watching others playing “DYING: Reborn” and “Weeping Doll” at Bit Summit. Surprisingly both horror games were especially popular with female players in Japan.

While one Japanese player takes on the challenge to beat the demo of Hidden Dragon, another live-streamer introduces the title to his audience.

Oasis Games @Casual Connect

A fellow indie playing “Hidden Dragon” at the Casual Connect OG booth giving valuable feedback for our developers.

Two journalists watching Martho from OG demoing how to play “Light Tracer”.

Please stay tune for more upcoming news from Oasis Games. And hope to see you all at one of the upcoming events in the near future.

Thank you for your constant support!