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TAG:Game, Published On 2017-07-18

Hey everyone there. It’s been a while since our last blog post. We hope you enjoyed the last read about us attending several events in past few months, which were amazing opportunities to not only connect to fans but also receive valuable feedback for our developers. So thank you for all the support!

One of the games that gained a lot of interest from players during those events was HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND. So we are very excited that we got the opportunity to work with the developer MegaFun Games and publish the game overseas for PlayStation®4 and PC. In North-America and Europe the game is scheduled for PS4 in August. And while we will release more details about the game and other platforms soon we would like to give a short introduction of what the game is all about.

HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND is a2.5D robust action platformer harkening back to classis action games like The Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden series. Players will utilize all their skills in combat, acrobatics and puzzle-solving to navigate their way through hordes of enemies and powerful bosses. What’s more, the game features Metroidvania-style puzzles and allows you to customize your martial arts fighter through a vast skill in a gold old action-RPG style.

HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND is powered by Unreal Engine 4 which allows for impressive HD visuals and well-elaborated interactive backgrounds, another highlight of this action game.

Taking place in imperial China, the story begins at a stage where various factions vie for the power over the Chinese empire, as well as a mysterious object call ‘Dragon Vessel’ which grants its owners inhuman powers for the cost of loosing sanity.

One of those evil factions, the secret organization YAO, leveraged the power of the Dragon Vessel to build a killer-squad in order to overthrow the ruling family in the empire. The main character of the game, sword master Lu who used to be a member of the killer-squad. But after he finds out that he was put under the curse of the Dragon Vessel for it’s dark purpose, he seeks revenge and is determined to bring down YAO.

For more impressions on HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND check the first announcement trailer:

Features of the game:

-  Action packed gameplay — 2.5D hack and slash platform gameplay set in ancient China

-   Slice and dice with combos — Dispel foes with a variety of attacks, and devastate them with stunning combos and abilities

-   Fight with skill and style — Battle through waves of enemies using lightning-fast, deadly attacks, or perfectly time a dash to counter-attack adding even more combos

-  Get acrobatic — Jump, swim, and grapple to avoid obstacles, escape enemies and clear missions through vibrant, detailed levels inspired by historical China and the paranormal universe

-   Plenty of challenges — Solve puzzles and unleash all your fighting skills on tough bosses that stand in your way

-  Surprising depth — Explore an extensive skill tree that offers seemingly limitless combos to be unlocked with “Soul Stones” to allow for stronger weapons, stats and special moves

-  Pure fun — Enjoy a deep yet intuitive pick-up and play experience with estimated 10 hours of gameplay

Hidden Dragon Legend is scheduled for release on PlayStation®Store for $19.99 this August.